Last updated: 2000-01-02
Lampd is a little daemon I wrote to control the lights in my room. It listens for lampd-packets on a UDP socket. By sending such a packet you can change the state of 8 lights to on, off or blink.
When you change the state of a 'port', it keeps it's new state for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds the port will return to it's 'default state'.
The default state can also be changed by sending a packet.

To send these packets I wrote a second program: lamp.
Just tell lamp what the IP address is of your lampd machine and what light to turn off/blink/on and it will send a packet.
(It can also be used to take a look at the current state of each lamp)

I hooked up the parallel port of an old 486 to a board with 8 opto-couplers and 8 thyristors to switch the lights in my room (or anything else that can run on 220V).
The machine is hooked up to the local network so I can turn my lights on/off from any PC in the house.



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