A 5W ATV transmitter for the 13cm band

  • Schematic

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  • How it works

  • The transmitter consist of two components: a transmitter and an amplifier.
    The amplifier creates 5W with 120mW of input power. I bought it from PE1CMO.

    A baseband video signal will be inserted into the transmitter. Inside, the video signal will be amplified. The amplifier also serves as a pre-emphasis.
    After being amplified, the signal is added up with the control voltage of the PLL. This causes the frequency of the transmitter to change when the video signal changes (that's what they call Frequency Modulation).
    As the 2.3 GHz signal leaves the oscillator, it is amplified by two FET's and fed into a GaAs MMIC (the CGY-196).
    The output of the CGY-196 is connected to the N-connector. The transmitter creates about 160 mW of power.

  • Some pictures

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