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Room Light Control project

Just for fun I build a board to control high-voltage things over the internet. This page describes the hardware I build to do this.

The switching-board has 8 switchable outputs. Each output consists of a MOC3041 Optoisolator Triac Driver followed by a TIC226 triac.
A fuse in the mains input keeps me from frying anything. :)
The 8 optoisolators are connected to the data outputs of the webcam server's parallel port.
The parallel port is controlled by a program I wrote called Lampd. This program listens on the local network for lamp-packets, and switches the lights off/on when it receives one.

The hardware
The schematic of the switching-board looks like this :
Switching-board schematic

Some more images
MOC3041 Optoisolator Triac Driver : TIC226 Triac :
MOC3041 TIC226

Email me with questions/comments : Daan <Daan @ pa4dan . nl>